What is KYND KARE?

We are a non-toxic household care and lifestyle brand.

Where can I buy KYND KARE products?

Our products are available in the U.S. at

Are your products and packaging sustainable?

We are doing our best to choose the most sustainable option for our packaging and intend to create products that last and are used to its entirety.

Where are your products manufactured? 

Our products are produced both domestically in the USA and overseas China.



  • What is Starboost made of? Sodium carbonate (mineral based cleaner), Sodium percarbonate (mineral based oxygen stain removal agent), Sodium gluconate (chelating agent), Alcohols C12-1C14 (breaks down oily soils), Subtilisin (breaks down protein stains), Alpha Amylase (breaks down starch stains), Bergamot Oil (uplifting citrus scent), Lipidase (breaks down oily stains), Cellulase (prevents fabric from fading) 
  • Can Starboost be used as a laundry detergent? Absolutely! Starboost is an effective stain remover and color-safe bleach alternative, but it also formulated to be a concentrated laundry detergent. To use as an added boost to your detergent of choice, add 1 scoop (2 scoops for larger, dirtier loads) directly to the bottom of the drum with detergent. To use as your only detergent, add 2 scoops (3 scoops for larger, dirtier loads) directly to the bottom of the drum. Add soiled laundry and begin the cycle.
  • What temperature water should I mix it with? It’s up to you! Starboost was designed to work effectively in cold, warm and hot water. When removing stains, choose hot water if you want Starboost to dissolve faster. When using with laundry, choose any temperature water.
  • What is the shelf life? Starboost is good to use for a year from when it was created. Be sure to close the lid tightly and store Starboost in a dry, cool and ventilated place. Starboost should have a date near the bottom of the tin.


  • Can Starbrush be used as a toothbrush? We designed Starbrush to be used on fabrics and hard surfaces.
  • How can I discard this brush once it's unusable? Our brushes were made to last, but even most good things come to an end. We highly suggest you keep your brushes around to use around the house. However, you can remove the bristles safely with a plier to discard in the garbage and take the biodegradable handle where biodegradable waste is accepted. 


  • Can I use the Kare Cup as a drinking cup? Our Kare Cup is composed of 100% food-grade silicone and is even dishwasher and microwave safe. If using the Kare Cup for food or beverages, be sure to rinse thoroughly before use. As safe as Starboost is, you don’t want to ingest it! 
  • Can I microwave this cup with Starboost and water in it? We do not recommend you to microwave the Kare Cup with Starboost and water in it. Although the Kare Cup is microwave safe, we suggest you use hot water instead.


Where do you ship your products?

We currently ship within all 50 states in the U.S. 

What are my options for shipping?

We offer $4 Standard Shipping, $7 Standard Shipping(0.5lb+), and Free Shipping for orders over $75.

What is the estimated shipping time?

Please allow 3-7 business days to process your order.

How can I check on the status of my order?

After you place an order, you should receive an email confirmation. Once your order ships, you will receive an email with tracking information.

What is your return and refund policy?

All products that are unopened and/or unused are eligible for a return or refund. To start the return or refund process, please message us at with the email you used to place the order.


How can we partner with you?

We are so honored you want to partner with us! For all press, partnerships, and wholesale related inquiries, please drop us a line at to get the conversation started.