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An all-purpose, non toxic stain remover and color safe bleach alternative used to effectively lift stains, deodorize, and brighten your belongings for everlasting vibrance.

  • HE & non HE machine compatible
  • Re-usable aluminum tin packaging
  • Matte recycled paper label
  • Measuring scoop included
  • Made in the USA
  • 33.8 OZ / 2.1 LBS

  • PRE-TREATMENT — Spot Clean: 1/2 scoop + ½ cup h2o. Mix solution in 'Kare Cup.' Apply with 'Starbrush.' Wait 15 minutes. Rinse. ‍— Soak: 3 scoops + 1 gallon h2o. Mix solution in sink, bucket, bathtub, or top loader machine filled with water. Wait 1-6 hours. Wash.
  • LAUNDRY‍ — As a boost: Add 1 scoop(2 scoops for larger, dirtier loads) directly to the bottom of the drum with detergent. Add soiled laundry. Begin the cycle. ‍— As a superboost: Add 2 scoops (3 scoops for larger, dirtier loads) directly to the bottom of the drum. No detergent needed. Add soiled laundry. Begin the cycle.

Sodium carbonate, Sodium percarbonate, Sodium gluconate, Stain-fighting enzymes, Cleansing surfactants, Bergamot essential oil

See full ingredients list.

  • Color Safe
  • Stain Fighting Enzymes
  • Uplifting Bergamot Scent
  • Septic Safe
  • Biodegradable



1. Treat stains as early as possible.

2. Always blot or scrape off any excess stain before treatment.
Do not rub in.

3. For aged stains, soak for longer or overnight.

4. Always rinse or wash well after treatment to avoid stain rings.

5. Launder with 'STARBOOST' after pre-treatment for an extra boost.

6. Warmer water allows for deeper cleaning. Always follow care label instructions for what water temperature the garment allows.

7. Do not put clothing in the dryer until the stain is removed.
The heat may set the stains in place permanently.

8. If the stain persists, repeat steps as necessary.

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